Giving your customers their money’s worth goes beyond just cleaning, buffing, smiling, then whisking them on their way. You want your customers to get the best car wash value. That means not cutting corners with regards to the chemicals used to wash the cars. However, the best for you doesn’t necessarily translate to most expensive.

 It means what’s appropriate for your neighborhood. Years ago, that didn’t matter much. But today’s soaps and chemicals are so refined and specialized, that what works for one region of the country is totally inappropriate for another. Using the correct chemicals in the proper mixtures gives the best result for customers. Every car gets dirty, that’s why people bring them in. But the chemical make-up of the grime on the car has a huge impact on what works best. Plus, specialty products exist to remove tar, tree sap, and other types of debris. Other specific cleaners are designed for glass, tires, and interiors. Creating the right combination of products for each wash creates confidence between car wash owner and customer. They know what to expect, and it’s delivered with each visit. That doesn’t mean however, that you can ‘sit’ on what’s working now. What is effective and efficient today might be so obsolete tomorrow that you can fall behind quickly.

The key is to develop a strong relationship with a supplier. You can always check online for what each company does and how they do it, but your best bet is probably getting input from other car wash owners in the industry and going to trade shows, where you can not only get the latest and greatest information, but also finding out who’s the best to work with. Ask: Are they up-to-date with what works in your part of the country? If they can’t do that, you should probably look elsewhere.

Look at your business and determine how you can create targeted services for your customers. Can you upgrade? Maybe change to a new cleaner or change the mixture of current ones you are using? Have you discovered a ‘magic bullet’ combo that others aren’t aware of? If so, make us aware of it. We’d love to hear from you.