Sometimes, a professional car wash isn’t enough. A customer’s vehicle is clean, but it doesn’t shine; it looks good, but it doesn’t sparkle. The pride of ownership when the car was new is gone.

 It is time for a detail job.

 A good detail makes a car look spotless. It will be cleaner than it has been for months, maybe years. A professional detailer can get rid of annoying smells on the inside and rejuvenate faded paint on the outside. An appropriate detailing package can include a variety of services, which can be customized for each car owner’s needs and budget.

Typically, an interior cleaning job includes removing and steam-cleaning the mats with the floor mats and vacuuming the floorboard. Features offered will vary depending on the specific car wash, geographical considerations, and other factors, but almost any interior package will include vacuuming the dash, vents, seats and console. A mild air freshener can help add a nice touch of environment to a car, but be careful, you will have some scent-sensitive customers, so make sure you keep on hand a no-odor cleaning solution for this job. Claying will help rid a car of impurities that regular cleaning solutions might miss.

Outside, request any paint touch-ups, and include cleaning of all external areas, including windows. Also get tires cleaned, leaving them spot-free.

  Other tips/options:

  • Detailing is a great upsell opportunity. Just listen to the customer and meet the appropriate needs.
  • Make sure the customer understands that a detail job not just makes the car look nicer, it enhances the value and some offerings, such as engine detailing, can extend the car’s life.
  • Most detailers take great pride in their work. Encourage employees to tell a satisfied customer to, pass the word. This one request has a remarkable impact. If you say, ‘tell a friend,’ they often will.

What specific detailing tips or offerings do you have? What has worked? And what hasn’t? We’d love to hear from you.