You’ve got your new equipment in place, your business is up and running, you are profitable, your team is working well both together and with customers.

Just make sure to maintain your equipment.

The capital outlay of equipment is one of your biggest expenses, and lack of maintenance can result in a significant drain on your business health. The specific guidelines on scheduling and replacing worn equipment will depend on several factors of course, but the first step is to be aware that proper equipment maintenance is vital to the life of your car wash.

First, just having a clean, friendly-looking facility will likely result in increased traffic. When passersby see a nicely maintained business, it sends a positive signal that the owner cares about his or her workplace, and that alone send a positive signal to the public.

More importantly, be on the constant lookout for any small need that might detract from the appeal of your workplace. Overfilled trash receptacles, dirty restrooms, partially emptied bottles of water may not seem like a big deal, but if a business owner deals with the little issues, a customer can be assured the major maintenance issues are probably also being appropriately handled.

Check for the not-so-obvious: clogged drains, make sure signage is easily seen and maintained, clean smudged mirrors, make sure all unnecessary ladders, tools, and other materials are stored out of sight. While some of these tips are an eye sore, others can be a safety hazard.
Also on your checklist: replace worn or clogged hoses, always keep an ample supply of towels, make sure all chemical levels are sufficient, are all burned-out lights immediately replaced?

Moe critical: conveyor belt should always work properly, check for oil leaks, grease the bearings, check and replace all belts, and filters.

This is far from an extensive or detailed list, but it’s meant to jump-start your thought process and awareness as to the importance of maintaining a clean and efficiently functioning car wash.

After all, if you can’t properly maintain your business, why should anyone trust you with their car?

What other maintenance tips do you have? Did you ever avert a disaster thanks to a last-minute maintenance check? Tell us about your maintenance schedule.