Winter brings a whole new set of issues for car wash owners and customers. The slush, road salt, sand, and other chemicals used to melt the ice and snow (which of course, adds to rust) can give cars a beating.

But car wash owners can also get caught napping. Some of the more common cleaning agents used in your business can freeze in your equipment, at the least rendering them helpless, at the worst doing permanent and expensive damage.

According to Winter Car Wash: Why It’s a Smart Idea, 32% of all car washes take place in winter, more than any other season. So, for many car wash operators, winter is the busiest time of year. And depending on your location, it can be brutally cold for weeks, or even months in some climes.

  Proper preparation for winter requires some restocking and reevaluation of your business.

  • Start with anti-freeze detergent. It’s not exactly cost-friendly, but it will keep the cleaner flowing, and will go a long way in preventing freezing on exposed equipment parts such as brushes.
  • De Salt is another popular and effective product to help win the battle against winter destruction. While much has been said about the ill-effects of road salt, both on cars and for the environment but currently, it’s the only product that works. It not only negatively affects the vehicle’s cosmetics, but the salt can work itself into a mechanism and create more problems, possibly causing a major car repair bill. Use De Salt on the entire car, but as with virtually all cleaning, start at the top and work your way down.
  • Rain X can be used anytime, but in the winter, it acts as a windshield protectant that causes snow and ice to bead without sticking to the window.

In addition to the aforementioned products, look for other products such as undercoatings and special waxes that can help further protect your customers’ automobiles. Depending on where you live, you might be stocking them for a while.